Inner Child Work

We all have an inner child, buried within

Healing involves getting back in touch with this child.
A core part of my personal healing has been reconnecting with this little girl inside. Going back to my earliest years and looking at how I began.  How I was loved, nourished, and “invented” to be the person I see myself as today.  Inner Child Work feels essential in healing our trauma, addictive behaviors, seeing our attachment patterns clearly, and also essential in understanding our strengths, gifts, desires, and buried dreams.  It’s essential to rediscovering what the face of our personal genius looks like. Who is this child within who got buried beneath so much survival stress and societal demands??

This health brand is an ode to those crucial early developmental processes, which we never fully leave behind.  Root cause healing for mental, physical, and spiritual issues tends to share a common practice – looking back to when it all began; early childhood.   Despite the freedom we gain in growing into an “adult,” we also develop limiting beliefs which impact our health.  Inner Child Work can help us get back that sense of freedom permeating our childhood.  I believe that by leveraging our Inner Child, we can grow younger while still facing adult challenges.

Everyone loves children.  We’re drawn to protect them, we’re seduced by their innocence, and inspired by their transparency.  What if we could feel this way towards ourselves every day?  How would this change our capacities for growth, healing, pleasure, and creativity?  Let’s find out.

Alongside child development, I also look to anthropological and evolutionary sciences to understand my own sense of humanity.  There’s a deep drive in me to understand what’s normal for humans – as opposed to what’s common to the Industrial Western world.   I’ve found that a lot of ancestral traditions hold wisdom and embodiment which isn’t common in modern living.  AND… I see children as modern citizens with the greatest access to this innate wisdom because they haven’t been trained to forget what’s natural.



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