Who is Kymber?



I’m a certified nutrition consultant, a certified integrative health coach, and a big health science nerd. I’m also a recovered bulimic and a girl who’s spent most of her life navigating chronic illness and fitting the puzzle pieces together. I’m someone who’s here to help you heal and to navigate it all with you.

My work is geared towards helping women eat and live in ways that resolve their symptoms and cater to greater self-understanding and sanity. Through my years of nutrition science education, coach training, and real-world experience, I have found that food and lifestyle choices offer THE greatest levers to the sanity we’re all seeking.

I was failed by our healthcare system early in life and had to take my health into my own hands. I grew up struggling with mental and physical symptoms for which modern medicine couldn’t help and I had no larger context to place these struggles within & no coach to guide me at the time. Through years of trial and error, I found strength & clarity through studying nutritional science, working with functional clinicians, and learning the value of viewing health through the lens of evolution. Through my personal work, I’ve been able to heal long-term battles with body dysmorphia, bulimia, depression, and have found relief from multiple autoimmune-related issues. 

Now I coach.

Through my professional work, I continue to help other women along similar paths of health & self-discovery — using nutrition and lifestyle tools to develop strength, sanity, and more freedom in their lives. 

I Most Value: Mother Nature and the lessons she constantly teaches us. Science and it’s various applications to health. Regenerative farms, ranches, and all the places which bring us back to our food sources. Eating whole animals and plants like our ancestors did. Self-care rituals. Animal Protein. Physical Intimacy. Hot saunas and cold water exposure. Moving my body and getting stronger through exercise. Deep connections with other humans and conversations which can heal and change the world. Coaching and asking my clients questions that help them view their health differently. Evolutionary and historical perspectives towards health and behavior. Geeking out over nutrition!

Bone Broth. Coffee. YOU.

My Full Health Story

My personal health history also provided me with years of priceless training and experience. Read my full health history here

Qualifications & Training

1. Training Programs I’ve Completed

Integrative Health Coaching

Went through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition program. This gave me a greater sense of what it means to be a coach vs. just a nutritionist and placed a lot of emphasis on the nonfood-related aspects to healing, such as community and lifestyle choices. It also offers lectures from some of the most inspiring leaders in the worlds of health, nutrition, science, personal development, food industry, media, and business – helping us to see the common thread underlying all of these areas of life.

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Attended the nutrition consultant program through Bauman College – a highly respected nutrition and culinary school located both in CA and online. This program provided a more scientific and comprehensive understanding of the ways which custom tailored whole foods diets can heal the human body from most chronic conditions and the ways to live a preventative lifestyle using the right foods.

Certified Postpartum Doula

After all of my work with small children and infants, I took it to the next level and become a certified postpartum doula. My training included lactation consulting, prenatal and postnatal basic nutrition, and basics of newborn care. This work also taught me a lot about: the important role of the parent’s health when conceiving and birthing a child, genetics and epigenetics, nutrigenomics, vaginal births, breastfeeding, and the power of oxytocin!

Holistic Health Practitioner Program

Upon leaving college in my early twenties, I moved to San Francisco and went through a year-long holistic health practitioner certification program.  This program provided me with the foundations for everything from holistic paradigm shifts in our ways of viewing health to nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal therapies, and touch therapies like massage.

Associates of Science (AS)

With the intention of transferring into a dietetics program and going on to receive my dietetics license, I went through the required science prerequisites, which included two years of basic and advanced anatomy & physiology, biology, chemistry, and genetics classes and lab work. Upon time to begin applying to programs, I had a change of heart and chose a private nutrition school instead. However, these science foundations have proven invaluable in understanding and applying all nutritional theories hereafter. 

Bachelor's of Science in Early Child Development (BS)

Due to being homeschooled through my highschool years and getting a job as a preschool teacher at the age of 16, I began college courses early and ended up pursuing a degree in Early Child Development — first in order to fill the required units for my job and secondly out of a passion for human and early life developmental/behavioral sciences. I will note that I did NOT finish my degree, but ended up dropping out before my last year, near age 21. This training and work experience has helped shape who I am, how I view human behavior, and how I approach nutrition, so I find it to be a useful addition to my education and training experience.


Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

IHH-UCSF Symposium on the Paleo Approach and Functional Medicine

Microbiome Medicine Summit


One of the most exciting aspects of my work as a healthcare practitioner is the pace at which science is evolving and the access I have to brilliant out-of-the-box experts, past & present, whose work continues to inform and broaden my own. Below are a few of these experts who have contributed immensely to my personal understanding of health.

Chris Kresser, LAc

Ray Peat, PhD

Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC

Broda Barnes, MD


What I Stand For


We’re usually raised with a limited sense of what’s possible, of what we can achieve, and of who we are. This creates all kinds of problems and obstacles in our lives. I want to live in a world where we can all create the lives which we truly want and can bust through our unnecessary limitations.


Healing from chronic illness has been one of my greatest teachers and I believe good health is the access point to all growth. I find a lot of value in applying an evolutionary perspective to health, behavior, and cultural issues. I believe it’s our birthright to feel good and to function optimally. Chronic illness and mediocre genes does not have to be our destiny!


We’re all onions. We need all of our layers. The most shallow person has depths we may not be able to see and the most deeply felt person can still focus on shallow concerns. I bring depth to the table and feel most alive in environments where I can access any and all layers necessary. A lot of healing involves digging below the surface – biologically, historically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically.


A lot of problems in health and society come when we remove ourselves from nature and forget how much we need the earth and natural elements. We need them for basic biological health, but also for psychological and spiritual health. We need the soil, the sun, clean waters, open spaces, trees, rain, healthy oceans, and a connection to the animals we consume.


Truth is the greatest and yet most challenging of all my values. We live in a world that gives us incentives and encouragement towards dishonesty & imbellishment — in small & big ways. Being truthful with the world means being truthful with ourselves, made possible through practices such as mindfulness meditation, self-inquiry, and understanding various fields like psychology, neuroscience, and human behavioral studies. Seeking to be truthful and to find truth is noble and valuable, even when we know it is elucive and subject to change. It is the ultimate commitment and the underlying drive of the scientific method.


I see that in this culture we’re constantly pulled outward and told what to think, buy, say, do, believe.  What is normal, what is acceptable, what is right, appropriate, normal, healthy.  Indoctrination from such an early age that before we know it, we don’t know what we truly stand for!  Self-awareness is not a destination, it’s an infinite process and healing requires a commitment to this process.