Curious if my private coaching is right for you?

First of all, what is Somatic Health Coaching?

A somatic embodied approach to nutrition and health coaching is the only approach that I believe gets to the root of our health issues. It’s also the only approach that takes the effects of trauma into account when working with the physiological processes and capacities of the cells to function optimally.

The first way we experience the world is through sensing our whole body. It’s the most primal form of inner communication that directs all thought, feeling, and action. Soma means “the living body” and somatics refers to practices of being in dialogue with the living body. We explore these practices as a means to embody them. To embody means to manifest – to make it visible, tangible, and real. Embodiment is a process of realizing each aspect of our self — feeling and experiencing its connection to the whole.

As the unapologetic expression of that full self, embodiment can be understood as the antithesis of oppression.

A somatic approach to coaching can be referred to as bottom-up coaching. Most health coaching approaches begin in the head – in the upper corticoid regions of the brain. This is what’s referred to as top-down work. This is where we educate, visualize, share in narratives, and work with our cognition, stories, and beliefs. This is very important work and it’s where most people feel safest, for two different reasons: 1. It’s the space where our culture tends to direct us and where most of our institutions and environments cater, therefore, it’s what’s normalized in the day-to-day. And 2, the mind is where many of us retreat to when the body’s sense of threat becomes too much for us to handle.

Due to trauma, chronic illness, accumulated stress & dysregulation, many of us have become habituated to various forms of disembodiment, making embodiment and somatics far more difficult. This is why I practice a combination of top-down AND bottom-up and I go at a pace that each woman feels safe with. Going into the body’s many messages at a pace that is too quick can backfire and create extra stress in a woman’s system, so I meet each client where they’re at and always use both approaches accordingly.

Somatic coaching is a specific set of skills that must be intentionally learned and practiced in today’s top-down world. Therefore, a somatic approach to nutrition and health coaching isn’t super common. But simply because it is not common doesn’t mean it’s not needed!

For those of us living with traumatic stress, being inside our bodies can feel overwhelming or out of control. Sometimes this presents as feeling anxious or tense inside. Other times our bodies feel numb and shut down, perhaps even dissociated. Sometimes we go back and forth between feeling numb or flooded by our felt experience.

Regardless of how our traumatic experiences show up in our bodies, one thing remains the same: Being “inside ourselves,” with our thoughts, sensations, and emotions… can feel scary, confusing, and painful. This can make eating well and making necessary behavior and lifestyle choices feel much harder, if not downright impossible to a lot of us.

When we feel confident in our ability to navigate both our inner and outer worlds, our bodies, and the feelings and experiences they contain, start to feel safer. This is the place from which I coach. Always starting with safety and attunement.

Purposefully creating a sense of safety, security, and vitality inside of ourselves can be likened to a sense of ‘returning home’. The more often we return home, the more familiar this home becomes, and the greater capacity we have for self-regulation, self-care, and self-nourishment! 

Ready for Some 1:1?


I support women with:

  • Chronic symptoms that haven’t been improved or resolved, despite much effort
  • Poor digestion and nutrient absorption 
  • Neurodivergence patterns, such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia
  • Medium-high ACE scores
  • Nervous system dysregulation
  • C-PTSD
  • Attachment trauma & building attachment security
  • Body dysmorphia & Eating Disorder patterns
  • Food, substance, and process addiction patterns
  • Needing nutritional guidance and support with eating well and/or eating more
  • Taking an embodied somatic approach to nutrition and overall healing
  • Emotional processing & release
  • Building self-agency and empowering beliefs 

My Pricing Structure

  • A one-time payment of $2700 for 12 sessions, OR
  • 3 monthly installments of $997 for 12 sessions

What you’ll get

  • 12 60-minute, in-depth Zoom calls, usually spaced out weekly or bi-weekly
  • A personalized food, mineral, movement, and lifestyle plan, ongoing nutritional education/support
  • A Personal NeuroSomatic assessment & custom applied-neuro drill protocol
  • Resources and downloads as needed throughout our work
  • Emotional Guidance & Ongoing NeuroSpychoBiological Education
  • Personalized Attachment assessment, guidance, and ongoing support in building internal security & relational connection
  • A dedicated partner in your healing journey

What is required of you

  • A commitment to the full package of weekly or bi-weekly coaching with me.
  • Showing up to each coaching call, willing to be present with what needs attention.
  • A strong desire to learn about yourself, and your nervous system, and to grow from your struggles, symptoms, patterns, & deficits.
  • An openness to making potentially difficult dietary, relational, and behavioral changes.
  • A commitment to pay for all sessions as outlined in the client agreement & contract you sign.
  • A desire to work with me in particular, as my work resonates with you in some way
  • A willingness or interest to work slowly with the nervous system at a pace that creates deep safety & security over time.
  • A commitment to the inherent vulnerability of addressing any trauma patterns you may have in order to heal, grow, and self-regulate long-term.

What is My healing Philosphy?

My healing philosophy has evolved over the years and will likely continue to evolve. Nutritionally, I take a functional and pro-metabolic approach to health, therefore, I take the energy production, distribution, and utilization within the body’s cells to be of the utmost importance. I look at the impacts of stress, in all forms, on the cells’ ability to create energy efficiently based on a woman’s demands for energy and ways that we can mitigate stress & improve energy levels using nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle choices. IMO, approaches that don’t take cellular energy production, cellular respiration, & thyroid function into account when addressing health often miss the root causes of most other illnesses that women face today. I start at the root (the cells) and work outward. 

My healing philosophy is also rooted in trauma-informed somatic nervous system regulation & I pull from many different life experiences, training, and bodies of work in these areas to cater to my client’s needs for safety – metabolic safety, emotional safety, psycho-neurobiological safety, and relational safety. Any approach to health, fitness, and performance needs to take into account a woman’s baseline sense of safety and needs for ongoing safety, which ties directly into her body’s stress patterns and usage of glucose, oxygen, and nutrients. Without understanding the nervous system and the ways our unresolved traumas live in our bodies & impact our physiology, we can easily make choices that push us beyond our real capacities, thus increasing stress, symptoms, and what we view as illnesses.

My healing philosophy also caters to women as biologically distinct from men. This distinction is important due to the lack of female-driven research in health sciences, but is also important as the world culture is changing rapidly for women & often leads women into roles and behaviors that drive them to exceed their biological capacities to compete with or feel safe and equal to men. This needs to be recognized, acknowledged, and explored so that we can understand what is and isn’t working for women, individually and collectively.

My primary focus

  • ProMetabolic/Bioenergetic Eating
  • Hormone Regulation/Circadian Entrainment
  • Stress Mitigation
  • C-PTSD Coaching via Parts Work, NARM, Attachment, NSI
  • Blood-sugar awareness/stability
  • Daily Embodiment Practices
  • Science-Based Behavior Change
  • Neuro Assessments & Drills for Regulation
  • Relationship skill-building, Somatic Attachment Coaching

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