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Women’s Nutrition Consulting & Health Coaching

Offering both Single consultations and Monthly Coaching Packages

Is this for you?

I combine my education in nutrition science and my training as a women’s health coach

Our work begins by helping you get clear.
The only way to move forward is to hit pause, and get clear on where you’re currently at with your health.
We’ll go over your full health history and discuss what you’ve already tried without success.  This can include past fad diets, doctor’s visits, medications taken, binging/starving, various forms of therapy, or even use of addictive substances.
This isn’t about shame, guilt, rights, or wrongs — it’s about looking at what we don’t want so we can get to where we do want.
Once we’ve gotten clear on your history, current patterns, and symptoms, we can create a structured, yet flexible, plan of action.
Where we begin our work is personally tailored to each body and circumstances.
Regardless of where you begin, my coaching is built to evolve into a dynamic journey addressing dietary, lifestyle, and psychological long-term changes.

Ready for Some 1:1?


My Coaching Layout


Monthly Coaching Package, Bi-Weekly Sessions

My private coaching subscription, Limited spots available. $300 a month, 2 sessions per month, two months minimum. Includes email support in between calls & any research my clients need me to do.

Throughout our work together, We’ll focus on these key concepts – beginning with the foundations and dialing in more and more in each session:


Everything in life can be broken down into our daily habits and lifestyle choices. Our overall lifestyles form the container holding our choices, values, and symptoms. We want a strong container!


We’ll address your current diet, health goals and needs, and create a plan to optimize your nutrient and health status with the right foods

Mindfulness & Stress-Reduction

This is where we look at your mental and emotional landscape, beliefs, and practices you can use to strengthen your mind & lower your stress levels for greater health


A strong body & mind is one that can withstand life’s blows & even use challenges for growth and wisdom. Getting stronger is intrinsic to healing & this includes building muscle.

What you’ll get

Weekly 60 minute, in-depth zoom calls (if our work is ongoing)
A personalized food, movement, and lifestyle plan
Follow-up emails in between calls
Resources and downloads
Emotional guidance

What is required of you

A commitment to show up to each session on time
A strong desire to learn about yourself and grow from your struggles
An openness to making potentially difficult dietary and behavior changes
A commitment to pay for all sessions either upfront or as outlined in package contracts
A desire to work with me in particular, as my work resonates with you in some way

What is My Nutrition Philosphy?

My nutrition philosophy has evolved over years of personal and professional experience and training. I take a functional and pro-metabolic approach to health and nutrition. Functional nutrition implies that everyone’s biochemistry and genetic makeup need certain nutrients in order to thrive and it involves the practice of considering every aspect of one’s health, diet, and overall lifestyle when providing any nutrition recommendations. Functional nutrition applies the latest clinical data within a holistic framework to treat the root cause of symptoms with the least harm possible, understanding that our symptoms serve a FUNCTION in our body’s attempt at repairing itself. A pro-metabolic approach (I also use this interchangeably with the term reparative) involves looking, first and foremost, at how our cells are able to utilize nutrients and thyroid hormone to fuel the entire body. In my experience, most approaches that don’t take cellular energy production, cellular respiration, & thyroid function into account first and foremost often miss addressing the root causes of most other illnesses that women face. I start at the root (the cells) and work outward.

I focus exclusively on women’s health and nutrition since women’s bodies are different than men’s and MUCH more vulnerable to stress, low-thyroid, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies resulting from restrictions. I work with women on eating MORE and lowering stress levels, using food first.

My primary focus in coaching is: 

Pro-Metabolic Eating 
Thyroid Function
Stress Management 
Sleep support
Blood-sugar awareness/stability
Meditation & Mindfulness support
Autoimmunity & detox
Women’s hormones
Habit change

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