For health-conscious folks on plant-based diets who are still struggling with chronic physical and mental health symptoms:

If you could take control of your health and sanity by eating animal foods…
and you could do it safely, ethically, and sustainably…


Would you feel open to omnivorous eating?

If not, you may never be your strongest, healthiest, happiest self

While it’s true that healing usually requires a multi-faceted approach… no matter what your circumstances, one factor in particular is indispensable to optimal health:

Proper nutrition

So the question is…

Are you sure you’re giving your body what it needs?

Your chances of resolving chronic health symptoms rests heavily on your answer to this question.

So if despite trying to do everything “right” on a plant-based diet, you’re still suffering from a host of persistent mental and physical health symptoms…


You’ve transitioned to an omnivore diet already, but still don’t feel confident and secure in your choices…

Then keep reading.

Because what follows may help you finally take action that will bring you closer to health and sanity.

But first…

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You switched to a plant-based diet because you wanted to do what’s best for your body, for animals, and for the planet. 

But then your health began to stagnate or decline.

To understand this,  you may want to confront some reasons why you aren’t continuing to heal.

Three reasons you haven’t achieved better health


You’re confused by all the conflicting information.

Unfortunately, nutrition science isn’t taught in most schools. And it’s usually not taught at home, either.

Instead, most of us absorb our ideas about nutrition from popular media, food industry marketers, and other ill-informed sources… many of which have a pro-plant agenda based on questionable science.

None of us is given the whole picture when it comes to individual and planetary health.

It’s no wonder so many of us are confused!

If you feel paralyzed by conflicting information, one of the best things you can do is learn about how nutrition science works, its limitations, and the history of its development.

…which will also help you make choices that are right for you.

The thought of eating animal foods still unleashes a flood of guilt.

You’ve no doubt noticed the pervasiveness of black-and-white ideologies within the vegan community.

It’s common for vegans to believe that veganism is the only way to reach optimal health… the only way to treat animals ethically. . . and the only way to save the planet.

But the truth is, there’s no one way of eating that will be best for everyone. The differences in our biochemistry mean that some people can thrive on a plant-based diet… but many can’t.

And the ethics around including animals in our food system is more complex than vegan ideology would suggest.

If you’re battling feelings of guilt, just remember the path to healing requires flexibility and openness to new information and perspectives.

You’re afraid of giving up your identity and community.

The strength that one can get from a sense of belonging can’t be understated.

But before you let your beliefs about nutrition define you, give some serious thought to your values, and whether your current identity reflects your values.

Are you sacrificing any of your values by not looking further into the details of food production and omnivorous nutrition?

When you open yourself up to new perspectives, you may discover that who you think are “your people” may not really be your people at all if you’re required to sacrifice your health to be accepted…

Filled with digestible information on a broad range of topics, Nourishing Our Sanity offers readers a unique glimpse into Kymber’s comprehensive toolkit, without skimping on the depth. Through posing relevant questions, the author takes the reader on a journey of self-reflection; challenging readers to examine their own stories around food, mood and attachment.

Equipped with decades worth of research—both lived and read— Maulden uses her personal narrative to illustrate the power of approaching nutrition through a multidimensional framework. Much like one-on-one work with Kymber, her book will surprise, excite, and empower you to recommitment to improving your health again and again.

Paige Kromhout

For most people suffering from health issues, relief is possible

If you’ve made it this far, you already know that what you eat has a large impact on your health.

But you may not know that when you take a holistic approach to healing that includes animal foods, you’re much more likely to get the relief you desperately seek.

Imagine having clarity & relief around chronic mental and physical health symptoms, like:


Brain fog




Hair loss




Digestive distress and bloating




Binge eating






and more

Imagine enjoying meals without paying for it later with GI distress.

Feeling strong physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Because when you do, you’ll be taking the most important step towards finally reclaiming your health and sanity. 

I’ve been where you are

I’m kymber maulden:

✔ Certified integrative health coach
✔ Certified holistic nutrition consultant
✔ Holistic health practitioner
✔ Big health science nerd
✔ Ex-vegan omnivore

For most of my life, I suffered from many chronic mental and physical symptoms: Migraines. Indigestion. Autoimmune-related issues. Skin problems. Body dysmorphia. Anxiety. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Attention deficit disorder. Depression…

And for the first half of my life, I leaned on medications to manage my symptoms. 

But in my early 20s, I got fed up with feeling physically and mentally toxic, and began to embrace spirituality and veganism.

In my years as a vegan, I grew in so many ways… but my physical and mental health continued to deteriorate. 

Desperate to regain my sanity and basic functioning, I eventually visited a functional clinician.  And I did everything my clinician told me to — including eating meat.

In the years following, I slowly put myself back together. I threw myself into learning as much as I could about how the human body works, as well as our food systems. 

And I came to understand how powerfully food affects our biochemistry. 

Through trial and error, I’ve been able to heal a host of long-term issues and have grown stronger physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

That’s why I’m sharing my story and the insights I’ve gained over the years in a new eBook.

After being an endurance training athlete and eating “healthy” and caring about my body, I came to a screeching halt when I transplanted back to the Central Coast. Having my sessions with Kymber helped me listen to my body again, understand why I felt certain ways at certain times after certain foods or events.

Her knowledge of the human body is nothing short of amazing, her spirit and passion to help guide her clients to natural health with her own real personal research are refreshing! I’d recommend her for anyone wanting to get a grip on your body, mind, and soul!

Marissa Kempt

Nourishing Our Sanity:

How Eating Animals Can Help Us Grow Stronger and Love Ourselves

In Nourishing Our Sanity, I use my personal story as a springboard into an evidence-based discussion of nutrition, including how eating animal foods can be the safest and most ethical choice for you and the planet.

I’ve spent years struggling, researching, learning, and eventually healing.

And now, as a nutrition consultant and integrative health coach, I help other people heal their bodies and minds through dietary and lifestyle interventions.

    • People who are struggling to thrive on a plant-based diet… but also struggling to reconcile eating animals with their love for animals, the planet, and themselves.
    • People who have followed the recommendations of Western medicine, but are frustrated with the lack of progress towards healing.
    • People who pour their energy into self-discovery and mindfulness, but still haven’t been able to escape the pain of their ailments.
    • People who know nutrition is the key to optimal health, and are motivated to find a way of eating that works for them.

Here’s what’s inside . . .

Nourishing Our Sanity ties together a wealth of insights that I’ve gleaned over the years from struggling with illness and researching the impact of nutrition on physical and mental health.

These insights have helped me on my journey towards healing and strength.

Here are a few of the topics I cover in Nourishing Our Sanity:


An overview of human health through an evolutionary and anthropological lens...and how these perspectives can help you understand your own health struggles.


How nutrition science is limited...and four key factors you should consider when choosing which foods to eat.


Why ethical issues around our food system are more nuanced than many in the vegan community suggest...and how including animals in our food system can be the most ethical and sustainable way to farm.


The role of habits in healing and creating lasting change...and examples of tools and methods you can use to enact your own behavioral changes.


How industrial ambitions and religious leaders have influenced the development of food policy in the United States...and how that may be impacting your ideas about healthy nutrition and ethical food choices.


The importance of developing strength in all forms...and why you should care about the quality and quantity of your daily protein intake.


The importance of love and connection to human health...and how your dietary choices may impact your relationships.


Why exploring our capacity for loving ourselves is important...and how choosing to eat animal foods can be the ultimate act of self-love.

A sneak peek of what you’ll be reading:

After reading her book, I was determined to meet with Kymber about chronic health issues that have plagued me for over 10 years. Her approach to identifying what foods individuals can tolerate—starting with only the most basic, nutrient-dense foods that have been part of the human diet since the beginning, getting a baseline from that, and then slowly adding in plant foods while mindfully recording changes—struck me as finally the right protocol. I’m one of those “hard cases” with SIBO and many unexplainable symptoms that made my 30s unpredictable and often unbearable. I’ve worked with tens of practitioners, none of whom has been able to help me identify the root cause(s) of my misery.

But Kymber guided me through a bare minimal, well-constructed carnivore diet for 41 days, followed by adding in one plant food at a time. We’ve identified that I wasn’t getting enough protein, I react to high-histamine foods, and high-fat meals give me nausea and diarrhea.

After a month, my hair stopped falling out, my skin became clearer, my energy increased, I had fewer days with fatigue or brain fog, my periods became less painful and irregular, and I could lift more weight than ever before. I wouldn’t have gotten here without Kymber’s knowledge of nutrition and current research, empathy for living with chronic illness, abundant support, and vault of ideas and resources. She also inspired me to meditate for 20 minutes a day, my new favorite habit, which has reduced my anxiety, depression, and reactivity.

Several months from my 41st birthday, I’m feeling confident that I’ll remember my 40s as a decade of wellness.

Hilary Watts

Nourishing Our Sanity is packed with the same insights and information I use in my client work — at a rate of $125 per hour. But you can have it all at your fingertips and start working towards better health immediately for only $19.97.

Ready to start your journey towards healing?

Just click the button below to order and immediately download your copy of Nourishing Our Sanity for only $9.97.


30-day money-back guarantee

Skeptical about whether Nourishing Our Sanity will help you on your journey?

That’s why I’m offering a full 30 days for you to read and absorb the insights in Nourishing Our Sanity.

If it turns out this eBook isn’t for you, just send me an email at sheheals@kymber-maulden.com within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll gladly issue a 100% refund.

This ebook explores how wellness does not live in a vacuum! Each chapter is thoughtful and richly contextual. The author is able to convey through both self-examination and research that wellness is not just about what you put into your body but learning to appreciate the complexity of how the mind, body, and soul are interwoven. She managed to give so much insight in 100 pages!

Marissa Machado

Still on the fence?

The information in Nourishing Our Sanity is not meant as a cure-all for everyone’s ailments. 

But I do believe that it will help many people gain a better understanding of the why behind their health struggles . . . which in turn may help them make the kinds of food choices that are more likely to lead to health, happiness, and freedom.

That said, I only want you to buy Nourishing Our Sanity if it meets you where you are at this moment in time.

How do you know if this eBook can help you

If you can check at least 4 of the 6 boxes below, you’re exactly who I wrote this eBook for.


You’re still on a plant-based diet...but you’re considering incorporating animal foods to alleviate chronic health symptoms and want to learn more before you take the leap.


You have no problem delving into self-discovery and doing the work to figure out what’s best for your physical and mental health.


You think it’s important to base your nutritional choices on reputable published research, and you want to understand the different factors that influence your beliefs about health.


You’ve already transitioned to an omnivorous diet, but you could use a broad, nuanced overview of animal-based nutrition to help you gain confidence in your choices.


In fact, you already consider yourself “health-conscious” and regularly invest time and energy into taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.


You know that good nutrition can be life-changing, and you’re excited about what your future can look like if you finally take control of your health.

. . . So how’d you do? 


If you checked at least 4 of the 6 boxes, Nourishing Our Sanity is full of information that will no doubt bring more clarity to your health struggles. 

Just click the button below to buy now for only $9.97.