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Paige Kromhout, Midwife in training

The work that Kymber does in the world is valuable and needed. Her commitment to health and the knowledge that she provides as a coach is powerful. Kymber has helped me address hormonal imbalances, has taught me how to incorporate more nutrient dense foods into my diet, and has provided me with stress-relieving strategies and biohacking alternatives that have made all the difference in my life as a student! I really appreciate that she takes the time to explain the why’s and the how’s of metabolic processes that occur in the body. As someone pursuing a career in medicine, I consider Kymber to be one of the most credible people I know when it comes to holistic health, diet, and lifestyle. She brings immense personal and professional experience as well as invaluable resources to her clients. She combines the latest scientific research with soul-quenching solutions to optimize health. She is wildly passionate about improving our connection to our bodies, our food, our environment and ourselves (which I love!) and she offers practical and personalized tools for achieving that reconnection and rebalance. I recommend everyone in search of a health coach to book a session with Kymber. I trust her expertise 100%.


Ryan C, Marriage and Family Therapist

Working with Kymber was a real treat. I have been dealing with chronic pain and body tension for about a decade, and had always wanted to try out diet as a way to heal. However, I never followed through on any dietary shifts when I did it on my own. Kymber provided the know-how, accountability, and enthusiasm I needed to try out a whole new way of eating. There are so many wonderful things about working with Kymber – one that’s worth highlighting is her own vulnerability and willingness to share her story with you. It helped me feel less alone, and also gave me hope that dietary and lifestyle changes really could help heal my body. I would recommend her to anyone I care about and who needs support with health and healing.


Marisa Kempt, Interior Designer

After being an endurance training athlete and eating “healthy” and caring about my body, I came to a screeching halt when I transplanted back to the Central Coast. Having my sessions with Kymber helped me listen to my body again, understand why I felt certain ways at certain times after certain foods or events. Her knowledge of the human body is nothing short of amazing, her spirit and passion to help guide her clients to natural health with her own real personal research is refreshing! I’d recommend her for anyone wanting to get a grip on your body, mind and soul!


Marian Pierce, Outdoors Education Facilitator

Working with Kymber helped me kick my afternoon energy slump in the pants, find food strategies that work with my unique lifestyle, and feel proud of the amazing life I’m living. Her deep knowledge of nutrition is complimented by her knack for drawing you deeper into yourself.

Leslie Collins, Holistic Chef

Kymber is such a joy to work with!  I went to her with a few specific concerns and she was able to provide a wealth of really useful information for me.  I’ve taken a lot of her advice and already feel a big difference.
With all the conflicting information out there about nutrition, it’s hard to make informed decisions and figure out what is real.  Kymber is an excellent researcher and knows how to navigate through all the false information out there. She is also extremely passionate about health and wellness, it’s refreshing to talk to someone so excited about the work she’s doing.
I would gladly point anyone with health questions Kymber’s way. She is great at explaining things for people who know nothing about nutrition, and also great at giving advice that is practical for someone’s busy lifestyle.
Thanks for your help Kymber!


Monet Davis, Licensed Massage Therapist

My whole life I’ve struggled with various allergies and sensitivities. Over a decade ago I decided to start changing my lifestyle and diet to strive to become healthier.  Despite having spent a lot of time learning about nutrition and lifestyle for optimal health over the years, I still gained many crucial insights from my work with Kymber.  Her passion for health and her knowledge of the relationship between the body and food is so inspiring.  Through our work, I felt listened to and cared for, never rushed.  I was left feeling supported, hopeful and enthusiastic to implement the tools that she had recommended for me.  She gave me guidance for improving my current state of health so that I can build a lasting resilience, getting to the root of the symptoms to better know how to heal the cause of them, and supporting detoxification. Not only did I feel like our work was nourishing and helpful, but she also provided an incredibly useful email suggestions and an overview of our sessions so that I have a reference at my fingertips with all the information she gave me. Thank you for all your help and support, Kymber!


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