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What My Work’s About

Healing is a journey back to metabolic sanity.
Because modern living and eating tend to cater to our illnesses far more than they cater to our health, sanity, and strength. But I’d like to change this for as many women as I can. My work’s about enhancing all the ways in which healing requires we take inventory of our beliefs and values and make necessary changes — one habit at a time.
The right foods are crucial in this process, and I’m here to flip politically correct nutrition on its head and encourage you to eat steak, dairy, and carbs to help you heal!

I believe women deserve freedom from the chronic symptoms that millions of us spend our lives struggling with. I believe that our epidemic of chronic illness is a serious problem, requiring creative solutions and a lot of unlearning. Many of us are totally confused and misled about what healthy eating actually looks like. It’s way too common for women to restrict FAR too many foods and push their bodies WAY too hard in the name of health. Many of us have lost touch with the biological rhythms and important signals our bodies send us each day in order to keep us well & to recover from illness when they inevitably strike.

My work is about providing the support so that you can make your way back to these biological rhythms and signals, and essentially — back to yourself. AND I’ll help you navigate the jungle of misinformation we all must contend with along the way!

I’m all about Root Cause Healing — implemented through daily habit changes, fueled by asking the right questions of ourselves and our culture. I’d like to help you connect the dots between the emotional and the biological, the scientific and the creative, the anecdotal and the clinical. I believe that healing from all chronic illnesses ought to be experienced as a profound journey back to our own bodies and our sanest selves.

As your health coach, I’ll guide you on your way back to your sanest and strongest self. How long we go together is up to you.

Life’s One Big

Epic Adventure

Healing is too

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Women have a right to full ownership of their bodies.

We all have a right to access our innate wellness and sanity.

Eating animals can be as virtuous as eating plants.

We have unlimited emotional depth and potential.

Getting stronger is more important than meeting any  beauty standards..

We’re driven to create our own rules when the old rules don’t apply.

We’re curious, and open to questioning EVERYTHING.

We get to choose what our sexuality feels and looks like.

Our appetites are important signals deserving of understanding and respect.

We can thrive  living as modern humans caring for our ancient genes.

We honor our ancestry and respect the wisdom inherent in their stories.

We want to live a life worth healing for.

We are health science  Explorers.


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